I run a blog about books and writing at Allison Wonderland Books.

I blogged on topics at the intersection of art and law at Washington Lawyers for the Arts.


Ted Leonhardt. I copyedit articles and blog posts for this premier negotiation coach.

Ensuring Equal Access for People with Disabilities: A Guide for Washington Courts. I collaborated with the legal editor and multiple authors to assure clarity for non-lawyer readers, and cohesion of voice. I executed the layout design, engaged the cover artist and liaised with the printer.

cd live cover

The Seattle Poetry Slam Live CD. I was a producer, editor and performer on this spoken word anthology.

Fist Fish, First PeopleFirst Fish, First People: Salmon Tales of the North Pacific Rim. I provided copyediting in the final stage before press (“blue pencil”) for this ground-breaking publication from the staff at One Reel/Bumbershoot.


English, Theology: A research paper on the unusual canonization of Maria Goretti. This case is especially interesting to me because of my family’s close relationship with the Gorettis. Read “My Cousin the Saint.”

Social Science: A research/experiential paper in which I discuss my personal experience as an adjudicator in juvenile diversion hearings. Restorative_Justice_Juvenile_Diversion

Legal: A legal writing memo from a course. Legal_Writing_Sample_Legal_Memo

Anthropology: A research paper on how different cultures deal with intersex. Blurring the Gender Divide_Intersexuality in Three Different Cultures


Children Remember Their Fathers, a lovely anthology you didn’t know you needed to read till now. You’re welcome.

The Temple Magazine

Words’s Worth The Miner, Kim Phuc, Found Poem, Veterans Day, 1996.