Can You Afford to Hand Your Facebook to the Office Intern?

Are you wondering what a hashtag is, but are too embarrassed to ask? Are you gearing up for a job search or career change? Are you handing off your organization’s Facebook page to the intern? You need me. In just 5 short weeks, I’ll teach you the basics of social media, how you can make […]

a portrait of the likeness of Saint Maria Goretti

My Cousin the Saint

I grew up hearing the hagiography of St. Maria Goretti. My paternal grandmother referred to the saint as “my aunt.” I have yet to verify this. I do know that Maria Goretti’s brother Angelo served as best man to my great-grandparents’ wedding, and as godfather when my grandmother was baptised. In any case, the story […]

5 Tips for Indie Arts Resource Development

Shunpike kicked off a great training program last night. They found that the traditional workshop model wasn’t working for their members, so they created a series called Hive Mind. The format is short lectures, panel, and group discussion. Half the program time is dedicated to the discussion, and it’s here where the program shines. The […]

The Making of an Outlaw

Last weekend, we welcomed a new outlaw to the family. Wait, what? Don’t I mean in-law? Heck no! I started dating T the same time his cousin started dating her now-husband. T and I married 7 years later, his cousin another 3 years after us. Once we’d officially become in-laws, cousin’s husband and I bonded […]

Because I like a-fishing.

Sometimes, my camera is so impressed with nature that it auto-focuses on backgrounds when I try to take pictures of people. Fortunately, I took plenty of landscape pictures and can supplement them with my photorealistic art skills: T and I joined a local fly fishing club, and we jumped right in. In April, we volunteered […]

image of text spray painted in an alley, it says "everything for everyone, nothing for ourselves"

What cost, humanity?

A few weeks ago, two different articles circulated among different interest groups in my social media. The first, in nonprofit management circles, was Dan Palotta’s TED Talk “The Way We Think About Charity Is Dead Wrong.” The second, in legal aid circles, a piece in the New York Times about the sad state of our […]

That we all might be so loved.

In time, I’m sure I will have more to say. But for now, it’s been two days since my grandmother died at age 93. She was many things, but I’m thinking most of her loyalty these days. It’s a touchstone of my memories of her. When I was still a teenager, my grandfather took ill. […]


Baby Showers aren’t just for babies!

When my friend J was pregnant, she and her husband delighted in planning for their baby boy’s arrival. Auntie Allison, however, was focused on the baby shower. I wanted a celebration fitting my great gal pal’s entree to motherhood. And since her style is more Tiffany’s than Toys-R-Us, I decided against a cartoon jungle and […]

To Slam, With Love.

Last night I dropped by the Seattle Poetry Slam. It’s been more than ten years since I’ve had any formal affiliation with this show, and I don’t get to it nearly as often as I’d like. But, last night one woman reminded me of the brilliant gift that poetry open mikes offer us.